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About Used Guitar Buyer

We've been in the musical instrument business for a combined 40 years.  We're players and collectors that appreciate all kinds of guitars.  We run a Chicago Guitar Shop, not one of those "chain stores" but an honest to goodness guitar shop where the owners actually work at the store and are knowledgeable about what they sell.

Our main business is used guitars.  In fact, we prefer used guitars, particularly older guitars where character and craftsmen ship were appreciated.  We've bought over 1,000 guitars in recent years and have worked with satisfied sellers nation wide.

Given we sell used guitars, we must continually buy good used guitars to replace our stock.  If you're selling your guitar please give us a shot at buying your guitar.  We pay top dollar and can even travel to your location.  We buy individual guitars and complete collections.   

Please see "how to sell us your guitar" for details of what we are looking for and the process we use how to buy your guitar.


If you have any questions please contact our guitar and amp buyer Heith.  His email address is


Thanks for considering selling us your old, used and second hand guitars and amps !

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